Reviews for Schnittke Studies (ed. Gavin Dixon; Routledge 2016)

Review by Ian Power in Tempo Vol. 71 No. 281, July 2017, 114-115.

“These chapters – in addition to Ivana Medić’s excellently laid out catalogue of Schnittke’s sketches held in the Juilliard Manuscript Collection – are themselves enough to make the volume essential for someone who will be concerned with Schnittke for anything beyond the short term.”

* * * * * *

Review by Ivan Moody in Musicological Annual No. 53/1, 2017, 254-256.

“The first contains an absorbing study by Ivana Medić of the representation of the Cross in Schnittke’s Symphony no. 2, “St Florian,” a study hugely enhanced by the newly accessible sketches at the Juilliard School. Medić’s “Revised Catalogue of Alfred Schnittke’s Sketches in the Juilliard Manuscript Collection” is also usefully included in the book as an appendix. The way in which the underlying symbolism of the Cross is expressed in compositional technique will hardly be a surprise for anyone who has looked closely at Schnittke’s relationship with religious music and symbolism, but this kind of detailed study is not only needed, but also quite revelatory.”

* * * * * *

Review by Arnold McMillin in The Slavonic and East European Review No. 95/3, July 2017, 544-546.

“Ivana Medić in ‘“Crucifixus etiam pro nobis”: Representations of the Cross in Alfred Schnittke’s Symphony No. 2, “St. Florian”’ demonstrates by use of material from sketches and drafts of this work Schnittke’s continuation of the practice of J. S. Bach in musical representations of the cross.”
“A welcome addition to this thought-provoking and very well illustrated volume is the Appendix, which consists of a revised catalogue of Alfred Schnittke’s sketches held in the Juilliard Manuscript Collection with, in addition to formal detail, clarifying comments for future researchers by Ivana Medić (the compiler).”